Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

School Life

School Life

How my school life? I will tell you about 1 day that make me so lazy to wake up in the morning , it’s Wednesday. Class start at 6.30 am , first subject is math , second is math then biology and physic. Yes there are 2 math on that day , can you imagine number number and number for about 4 hours , But fortunately i love math. Until 9.30 am math subject is finish. Then i take the first break.

Class start again at 10.00 am. I don’t really like biology and physic , so im not gonna say to much about this 2 subject. At 12.15 pm i take the second break until 12.45 pm , and then i continue the pyhsic. And class finish at 2.15 pm. Well thats my school life , so how about yours? 

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