Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

            I don't know what i have to write , because i didn't go anywhere on my holiday. But today my teacher ask everybody in my class to write down about our holiday.So , okay i'll write anything.
          Holiday started from 23 December until 11 january. But on 28 December im went to school. Imagine , 19 days of holiday , and you have to go to school for 3 days. Not because im smart or hard worker so i studied hard, it because my english score is not good enough , or you can say under the average.
          I finished SP at 30 December. Well , it's holiday time. But my holiday wasn't same like the other holiday before. It was the bored holiday on my 15 years life. I celebrated the new year at home , i waited for 12.00 am , was only by watched movies. I still remembered what the movie is , Goosebumps and Stars wars 4 and 5. After seeing fireworks at the sky of 1 January 2016 , i slept. And when i woke up in the morning until today 11 January 2016, i did the exact same things everyday, slept , woke up, ate , watched, ate , read , more ate , and slept again.

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